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1. Compassionate, personal, individualized care

The caring professionals at American Cancer Center will get to know you. We will keep you informed. Your physical and emotional well-being matter to us and our coordination with your other treating physicians will be personal, frequent, and productive. You will experience the convenience of coming to a free-standing cancer treatment facility - with parking right in front. Your cancer treatment team will get you in and out quickly, so that treatments are not an added burden on your schedule.

2. A commitment to cutting-edge technology

American Cancer Center is equipped with the latest technology. For example, we feature "on-board" imaging, a key component in IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy). With this, our oncology staff verifies the precise treatment area - every time, allowing us to use a higher intensity of radiation right where it is most needed. Many radiation oncology centers image patients for localization weekly; however, with IGRT, American Cancer Center can create a new CT image before every treatment while the patient is on the treatment table. This allows for accurate delivery of the radiation treatment to the cancer site while protecting critical normal structures for more effective radiation delivery.

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New Technology for Treating Breast Cancer in One Week

Conventionally, patients with breast cancer are treated with seven weeks of daily external beam radiotherapy to entire breast. A new kind of high dose rate brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy) has shown to be more effective and takes only five days. American Cancer Center offers this exciting breakthrough cancer treatment for our patients. Read more...

"But don't other radiation oncology centers offer the same quality of care?"

Yes and no - we all strive for a good standard of care. But we believe that our advanced technology, convenient location, and caring staff put us in a class by ourselves. We invite you to explore the information on this website to be as informed in your cancer treatment as possible.

To learn our heart and our high commitment to providing excellent, compassionate clinical care, come visit with us and judge for yourself. Call to tour the facility or to get questions answered - we look forward to talking with you and being an effective part of your cancer treatment team.

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